How is Everything?

I have been wondering what to do next. Have a couple things going. Pulled some songs off Spotify because I didn't like the mixes. A little late but that's what I did. Got some studio monitors so I'm looking to give it another go. What's up in Columbus, Ohio? A shout out to Witchita, Kansas!                                                                                                             03/18/'22 - Have been mixing a song called There's Nobody Like You. Need to listen to it through different systems to get a better idea. It is challenging. I am liking the new monitors. Bonjour Montreal! Hello China and British Columbia!              03/21/'22 - Ni hao to our friends in Shangqui and Zhengzhou. I'm guessing so please forgive me.                                       04/08/'22 - Still dialing in the mix. I appreciate your patience as it is something I am taking nearly forever to learn. Writing and recording songs AND being one's own engineer is somewhat daunting. Cheerio! Carry On. Hope U r well.                  04/12/'22 - I decided to put two songs back up on the site. They have some issues fidelity-wise, however, to my taste each one represents the song well. They were mixed on my computer speakers which is apparently not the ideal studio situation. Who da thunk it?                                                                                                                                                      04/16/'22 - Ok people in Columbus, Ohio! What is up? The only people on the planet checking in here are from around Wichita, Kansas, Montreal, Canada, one person in British Columbia, Canada, a couple folks in Eastern China, one or two people from my hometown of Detroit, Michigan and you all...Y'all. In other words, not many people. If I had two sets of hands I could just about count everyone. Oh yeah someone or something from Pakistan, yep Pakistan, looked in last week. A bot? Maybe it was a human being. I hope so. Currently still deciding on release of song There's Nobody Like You. Finalizing the mix to and for mastering is currently the issue. However it's seems some people on Earth (gorgeous) have interest. It is my wish to see it through to completion. Thank you for your views. I hope u r well.


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