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How is Everything? 

01/11/'24 - Gadzooks! New Years Day come and gone!..and I have yet to greet all the bots of the world diligently indexing and indexing and indexing! Pardon my negligence but how are your algorithms shaking today? I mean what is the deal? What's crackin' anywho? Read a book and git yursef sum lernin. Pronto!!! Later!

12/14/'23 - Holidays! Yay! Take some time for self. Breathe deep and slow down. Slow everything down. Gratitude. As I write I wonder how good I am at slowing down, at gratitude. Well I'm learning anyway.  

Way back when I said that I would release a new song. It took a while but I have kept my word. I like to keep my word. I prefer it. The song is called There's Nobody Like You. It's on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, etc…Listen to it sometime and ponder the Infinite. Happy Holidays to All !!! 

10/10/'23 - A glitch in the program, a bump in the road, a wrench thrown in to the works etc…all of these things have transpired. It has been and continues to be most challenging, yet here we are. A new song is on schedule for release. It's called There's Nobody Like You. Scheduled release date Thursday November 16, 2023. It is a labor of love. Look for it, listen for it, if you feel so inclined. I don't really want to tell you what to do. Hope you are well.

02/26/'23 - It's my cousin's birthday today. Happy Birthday Darby! Many years ago you gave me a much needed boost just by shouting my name out loud. We were skiing. I was nervous but it was my turn to go. I still think of that moment to this day. 

So hey wider world. How is everything? Happy New Year by the way. Whatever year or tradition you celebrate. I hesitate to speak of my musical endeavors because I like the work to speak for itself. I'm still at it in my way but my dreams of whatever are quite gone. I have much wondered is it just a need for attention that drives me to craft a song? Does the world need another? Another song? I just like certain songs. A lot. They give me something that perhaps I lack or perhaps I resonate with them. Maybe I've been manipulated. Who is to say? I like melody. I like back up vocals. Yeah I like jangly guitars. 

Anyway, I just wanted to check in so the bots have something new to read. If you are sentient please accept my somewhat humble apologies. Get on with it.


12/10/'22 - Well I haven't said hello in a while so hello. Hi. How are you doing? I am actually still working on some tunes. Sure you are you say. Can't say I blame you. Four songs right now in decent shape. Still looking to do some treatment on the room. It's coming along. Appreciate your interest and patience. Still working at the restaurant. Going ok. I walk to work so there is that. Co - workers are pretty cool. A lively place to be sure. The Holidays are upon us. Be as loving as possible to yourself and others. It gets pretty challenging sometimes. Inner Peace Be with You.

10/10/"22 - Ok, this is for the Wichita area people periodically checking the site. Hi, not much to report. Working a good bit lately. Not much singing or music like activities. Restaurant work. Yep. Working stiff. Fuck. Picked up the classical today though. Have written 80% or more of my tunes over the years on that one guitar. Lately have been feeling like throwing everything out the window. A little discouraged lately. I know I've talked about what I'm gonna do...yada yada yada...blah blah blah. I'll not bore you now. I'll see if I can get some new pictures up. Something.

08/22/'22 - Hi everyone! I feel I have some explaining to do...where are those blasted songs I've been working on anyway? Well in the last few days I have been reading about acoustic room treatment for a better recording and mixing environment. At present I have zero treatment in my space. I am considering adding some panels and curtains  to remedy the situation. The goal is a higher quality final mix. I may revisit some previous recordings and see if I can revive them in some fashion. Seeming a good bit of distraction but at this point I'm in no hurry. If you are having a fit because of my pace of the snail you can listen on youtube to some music I recorded on garageband in 2013. I recommend using headphones. Better fidelity. Here is one of my favorites from those sessions...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFF09b_QSJg       You will need to copy and paste the link. imo worth it.

07/20/'22 - Happy 53rd Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing! There are many who believe it never happened. I however am not one of them. I was 11 yrs old at the time sitting next to my father as we watched Neil Armstrong take the first steps on the moon. Television broadcast from the lunar surface. The next day delivering newspapers on a dark rainy Detroit afternoon with my older brother. The headlines tall and wide hailing the achievement. Quiet astonishment, so subtle in my young being. It was mysterious to me.                                                                                                   As of this writing I have taken a position at a local restaurant running food out to visitors from near and far. A hectic pace at times. Friendly staff for which I am grateful. Wind allowed - dogs allowed to quote Charles Simic. My music production will slow somewhat. Please forgive. That blu-tooth stereo is in sight. It is my wish to proceed with the mixes.                                                                                                                                                                           

05/30/'22 - Ok this is for the person / s in the Wichita, Kansas area. Hello. Hi. Sorry I've not posted. I have been busy with other things. The song I have been working on sounds decent but it needs a little more attention. I need a stereo in my car so I can listen and make final adjustments. If you are checking in to see if the song is complete the answer is almost. I don't have a mega studio or tons of backing so I creep along. A bit sloth like perhaps. Apologies. There are however two other songs in the works so for me anyway that is pretty cool. It looks as if I will need employment rather quickly. So much for my rock star life. Alas. Anyway thanks for looking in, I hope things are well with you. I love that song Wichita Lineman! Seriously.

I have been wondering what to do next. Have a couple things going. Pulled some songs off Spotify because I didn't like the mixes. A little late but that's what I did. Got some studio monitors so I'm looking to give it another go. What's up in Columbus, Ohio? A shout out to Wichita, Kansas!                                                                                                             03/18/'22 - Have been mixing a song called There's Nobody Like You. Need to listen to it through different systems to get a better idea. It is challenging. I am liking the new monitors. Bonjour Montreal! Hello China and British Columbia!              03/21/'22 - Ni hao to our friends in Shangqui and Zhengzhou. I'm guessing so please forgive me.                                       04/08/'22 - Still dialing in the mix. I appreciate your patience as it is something I am taking nearly forever to learn. Writing and recording songs AND being one's own engineer is somewhat daunting. Cheerio! Carry On. Hope U r well.                  04/12/'22 - I decided to put two songs back up on the site. They have some issues fidelity-wise, however, to my taste each one represents the song well. They were mixed on my computer speakers which is apparently not the ideal studio situation. Who da thunk it?                                                                                                                                                      04/16/'22 - Ok people in Columbus, Ohio! What is up? The only people on the planet checking in here are from around Wichita, Kansas, Montreal, Canada, one person in British Columbia, Canada, a couple folks in Eastern China, one or two people from my hometown of Detroit, Michigan and you all...Y'all. In other words, not many people. If I had two sets of hands I could just about count everyone. Oh yeah someone or something from Pakistan, yep Pakistan, looked in last week. A bot? Maybe it was a human being. I hope so. Currently still deciding on release of song There's Nobody Like You. Finalizing the mix to and for mastering is currently the issue. However it's seems some people on Earth (gorgeous) have interest. It is my wish to see it through to completion. Thank you for your views. I hope u r well.